Tin Armor

by Tin Armor

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released September 17, 2013

All songs by Tin Armor
Tin Armor is Matt Umland, John Umland, Matt O’Conke, and Matty Golightley

Recorded and mixed by Eric Cronstein at the Tone Shoppe
Mastered by Chris Keffer
Additional percussion by Andy Cook
Special thanks to Ryan Eilbeck, Mark Parsons and Andy Cook for sharing their thoughts and suggestions while we recorded.
Artwork, design and layout by Meagan Alwood-Karcic.

We are honored and privileged to know so many beautiful people. You are wonderful and so numerous that we could never name you all. Without your love and support, Tin Armor would not exist.


all rights reserved



Tin Armor Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Time and Patience
The predatory mind survives
We see it in each other at times
Time and reason
Time and patience
And the beast in us slowly changes
Thoughts collected wrongs corrected
Although it can move slow
Time and reason
Time and patience
And more days pass with each generation
Guess I'd rather be a dog than a wild wolf

We remember best what the camera shows
Softer season often painted
With a glow more gold and engaging
I won't trade my modern failings
There’s always farther to go
I won’t berate my modern sages
To appease the passage of pages
Written to scare me
You can't scare me now

We lost our taste for blood
We cough when it's stuck on our tongue
Some part or particle or sum
We lost our taste for blood

Each page each turn of the sun
More like a drip than a flood
Each page a particle a dove
We lose our taste for blood
Track Name: Worn Through
I can't stop yawning
Yawning through this whole scene
Can't stop moving
Can't be still in my own seat
It’s true I was out for wrong thing
And I won't even try to convince you otherwise
Let's be honest
Let's be true to what we mean
Let's be meaner why be nice about everything?
You speak to the wind I'm asleep
I won't even try to convince you otherwise
Different places and different lives
Same faces at different times
We could see the value in each other's minds
Seems like you won’t

I know I'm cut from
the very cloth that you have sewn
I watch it fray now
Add a patch or two of my own
As time goes by new colors meet your eyes
And it’s clear from your sigh
It was threadbare by design
Say goodbye to your father and mother
Hello to your friends and lovers
We could see the value in the minds of others
By now you should know
Track Name: The Supplicant
Out beyond where it's hard luck
Hard earners wake and then tally up
Work or home the contract decrees
Your time now a schedule weekly
Time so dispensed can be hard to spend
Life now relies on every clock tick
It’s so strange when our modern techniques
Can plague our primitive needs

I care none for these dumb worksheets
These forms they keep on me
And I won't plead no I won't be the supplicant on my knees

Taxes are spent and then earned again
Products evolve then are born again
Then I walk my diligent feet
Off to work and the cycle repeats

I'm not beyond nor am I above
Count every callous where my credit rubs
Paper cuts all the faithful and true
Taste the blood though none of it blue
Track Name: Hard To Love
The only feeling I have ever felt
Is true and honest guilt
I’m a product of my surroundings
And though I have kissed life before
I have never known anything more
Than the sadness that pools in your eyes

The only people I’ve ever met
Are those who wallow in regret
Or forget the ones who loved them in their time
Though it is hard to beat
Being happy and young
And mostly, that’s what I’m ashamed of

Hard to love every christened grub
In the holy land that is your heart
Hard to beat being happy young
And mostly that’s what I’m ashamed of

I hope everyone I know
Wastes their gifts
That precious wisdom
Escaping from their lips
I hope they give it all up
And settle down just because
For anything or anyone
Track Name: Grace On My Mind
I've got grace on my mind in the form of former days
Driving slow through the streets of my former home
In my old friends chrome boat
It's been so long I loved it so

But I've got the rest of my life I’m looking forward to brighter days
I can't complain youth was bright but barely remains
I am staking a claim on this moments shore

I’ve got grace in my heart
Watching you travel far in many a car
Though at times the taillights fade
And at times they barely remain
But I remain assured

There is much I could explain
There is so little I can say
Track Name: Wandering Eye
Rolled down window, view highway bound
No wind billows out and I can't cool down
I shift in my seat and the tape’s on repeat
We've been too long still and still long to go
And braked to piss an hour along
Over my shoulder you squeak
And break from your sleep
Meet the path of a wandering eye
Memory of a previous life a few months ago I knew
Now I don't know

If I said that I'm not fit to drive
You would drive us to the stranger's tonight
But I'm just fine
Just two to pass the time
Now moving through the night when thunder is out
Stay awake, talk aloud
Our minds take flight with eyes on watch all night
We laugh at the wonders of life
Try to keep the theme of it light
Impossible it's true but I still try
I try
Track Name: Powers That Bleed
I should have known better
But I was old enough to try
Out of all the things I remember
Matter of fact, my whole life

The print on my girlfriend’s bed
The sound of her parent’s tv
What I gained in love
What I expected to be
Let it all...
She should have been better
So we closed our eyes
My hands underneath her sweater
My heart between her eyes

Smile from across the room
The turn of the page
The things that we wanted to do
The changes that came
Let it all wash over my life

Smile from the across the room
The powers that Bleed
The things that she wanted to do
All she expected from me
Let it all wash over my life

When I think on it, I start to realize
Today’s promise, tomorrow’s black eye
When I think on that, it hurts my insides
Seeing my life through her eyes
When I look back on the whole of my life
What have I done?
Track Name: Can't Be Sure
I can't be sure any more than you
We've been halfway too long
Feeling broke and little more
We can plan and we can plead
You know it won’t make it be
Our patience wanes these days
You explain I’ll count the ways

Time passes slow when you watch a kettle boil
We rely on the paths we've made
To give us place when we're a world away
Pass a sign see it read a few more miles till its complete
Could be off by two or three
Beware of what you want to see

I can't be sure twenty-four-sevenly
I'm aware of those familiar rhymes
And they fail me often times
No rational mind stays the same
World of change
It seems the goal of my life now is
Permanent growth not permanent bliss
Track Name: Trust
I remember saying words I didn't mean at the time
When I knew it was not right but it felt good so I lied
And each sentiment can fade
As do we in their wake
It doesn't mean we need to stay
The same in every way
If you don't trust me you might as well say

What were you saying?
It was born of our boredom
And it spawned in the very spot
We took the peaceful times for granted
Maybe we just forgot
A lie can creep into any phrase
But none have in mine of late
My record is not exactly blank
And only have myself to blame
If you don't trust me you might as well say
Track Name: Honeycomb
Pretty girls are meant to be fed
The most expensive chocolates
I am compelled to spend
All my money on them

Loneliness is meant to be spread
Dripped onto your tiny heads
By older, wiser men
By younger, stronger men

Trust me honey, I know
Track Name: Don't Let Me Be
Feet up
We’ve not had it rough
We’ve avoided much that’s claimed many before us
It was always just boring enough
Never pouring more than would fit in our cup
By now we’ve drawn some short straws
and those long walks have worn soles to feet
Too quick to tongue lash behind each other’s backs
Take it all in good stride
I don’t know

So please don’t let me be what I have been lately
You know that I want to be free
Just as much as anybody
Good morning life
I’m sorry

Cold outside
Slip down the front drive
Just like last night’s walk from work and tonight’s
The search for the shit that you need
Will be no fun if you walk through these times with grief
I have been wrong and otherwise flawed
Often enough to know when you are
Though we walk in the strides of each other’s lives
Each step is no trial
We’ve got miles and miles

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